Challenge: @_davie_jones convinces @billycoduhhh to finish a bottle of UV Sriracha and I owe him lunch. #missionaccomplished#damnit
Not one bit ashamed that I’m the first person in line for FREE BIG MACS for a year at the new & improved Mickey Ds next to UCF! (at McDonald’s at 12305 University Blvd)
My dear sweet ate!! Happy birthday! Happy graduation!! HAPPY BRADUATION!!! I’m soooo proud of you at how far you’ve come and so blessed that I got to be your ading. I cherish how strong our ate/ading bond is and I thank you so much for all you’ve done for me this year. Keep your spunk and good vibes and you’ll do fine in the grown up world! Don’t stop having fun! Love ya big sis. #fsa#family (at Ponte Vedra Inn and Club)

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You deserve the fucking world. You deserve all the happiness and love that you can get. You deserve better. You deserve a lifetime of happiness. You are worthy of life.

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you are amazing

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waking up your friend the morning after a sleepover like


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is that dirt on my computer screen or punctuation               .

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